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Welcome to All



Our journey through life begins new each morning. The totality of these days, one day at a time, is our life experience. It is different for each of us. There are, however, many similarities in our personal experiences. We each experience joy, grief, exuberance, humiliation, optimism, doubt, genius, foolishness, and of course, courage, and fear. We each are so similar in so many different ways it is hard to not see how connected we all are. My hope is to convey my feelings on my experiences so you know you are not alone in your journey each new morning to the next. This new book regards many such experiences in your day’s journey that are similar to mine. I hope you find some resonance and solace through events during my life’s journey...

Until Today


Welcome to the long awaited second book of a collection of poems written over the last 30 years. The poems have been my therapy over the years. I have written a great number of poems because I have needed a great deal of therapy. This most recent collection called Until Today: Stories and Poems on Life as I Know It contains a number of more cathartic pieces than did Moments of Mine: A Collection of Thoughts in Poem. I hope the more personal nature of many of the new pieces doesn't get in the way of your appreciation of what they truly said to me and hopefully will say to you. I earnestly attempt to say something of meaning in all my work but the poems selected say more than others to this point have said. Some would simply mean more to me than they would to a larger audience so, consequently, are not yet included in book form. Maybe someday they will be but not yet.

Again, welcome to my site and I hope you find something you enjoy and will tell others to come see it for themselves.


Life is filled with memorable moments of victory, defeat, euphoria, calamity, great success or great failure. Many express these moments in a meaningful way to help others avoid the harm, or accentuate the blessings, which our own moments have caused in our lives. We are all connected if not physically or emotionally then certainly spiritually through the deeper resonance of life’s events. We all have moments. What you are holding are the moments of an only son of an only son from the Deep South. These are the moments lived by a journalist of great and abiding Christian faith living life in an ever expanding secular world. These are the moments lived by a father of five from an extended family home now living in a world becoming  void of family at all. These are moments recorded in the storm of life we all hope to not only survive but make our own stamp upon. These are the first poems of a collection of poems compiled over time. My name is Jerry M. White and these are...

 Moments of Mine





This is my first publishing effort but certainly not my last. The Moments of Mine project has been a twenty-year effort of love and therapy. It has been a compulsion to express my intersection with daily events or life struggles in a poetic form. I began taking my efforts more seriously during my High School teaching years. I would broadcast a faculty email two to three times per week containing a poem on subjects ranging from societal events to personal experiences. Through these emails a member of our English department suggested I publish my poems. I began submitting them to publications and journals with some success and developed, with the help of my colleague, the format you will find in Moments of Mine. On one page is the inspiration of the poem and on the facing page is the poem in its completed form.


The decision on which poems to include was agonizing. It was similar to the question “which of your children do like most.” Unfair as it was to select the poems included it is now done and in a completed form. My next book is already being completed which was merely selecting more of my favorites, as unfair as that process is to an author, and putting them together in the same way Moments of Mine was completed.


I hope you enjoy your stay on my website and find interest in the items found. You can go to the Ordering Information section to purchase a copy for yourself or a family member.

Thank you for your visit and don’t forget to give me your name and contact information for updates on activities and events related to the marketing of Moments of Mine and all other future endeavors.