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My first job was as a reporter for the Atlanta Constitution, City State Page listening to courtroom cases in Fulton County. Great stories play out every day in our judicial system. Many authors will simply sit in court to acquire plot lines for future novels.

Through a college friend I tried my hand at Insurance Sales. Good at first but not so much afterward. I was in the insurance industry for 4 years until I snapped out of the trance.

The trail from there has been both bumpy and fulfilling. I have worked for three different daily newspapers. I have been the Southeast Regional Vice President for a physician recruiting firm. I have been an outside representative for IBM in Savannah, Georgia. I have been a public school teacher in Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. I have been a bible class teacher for classes the size of many congregations in our great land. I have performed marriage ceremonies for friends and family members. For a number of years I worked with movie studios providing them with statistical analysis for their most recent presentations. Most recently, I have served three years as Director of Admissions and am currently serving as the Student Services Coordinator for the largest aviation maintenance training facility in the country.

My new book, Moments of Mine, came from the halls of Campbell High School where I would broadcast poetic emails to my fellow faculty members three to four times per week. One such week a representative from the English Department came to me. I didn't know if it was a good thing that she had come by or not. I quickly found it to be a good thing and the book Moments of Mine came, if I had to pick a day, from that visit. The encouragement of peers is a wonderful thing. After that fellow teachers would ask me to write poems on specific things like their school affiliations, poems for their sweethearts, poems for any number of things. I even got a request from a student to write one on how much her mom meant to she and her brother. All because these faculty members, friends, and students seemed to like poetry.

I am still writing today as I did 30 years ago. There is still fresh subject matter in the everyday world that we live. It is where inspiration, as well as frustration, lies. Some things are lost before I can remember to put them in written form. I try to carry a note pad but sometimes it is gone before the pen hits the paper. Inspiration is the fragile sister of torment. Writers experience them both.

Currently I have a blog I publish both on my website here as well at Book Blogs as well as on this site under blogs . I am also a staff writer for Poetic Monthly Magazine. My writing interests have outlets and my wife still loves me after raising five children so everything is right with the world no matter how complicated at times it seems to be.

Where I go from here I anxiously await God's direction.




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